Tips for Home

  • Below you will find helpful hints and tips that you can use to get your child moving. If you look at our units of study area you will see that we offer a broad range of skill areas. You can use the ideas below to help your child improve in many areas in fitness and overall wellness. We have broken the skills down by the different seasons of the year. Of course, you can pick anything from the list of ideas and use them as you see fit. Also, if there is a stonger interest in any of the sports and activities we teach in P.E. look into the local youth sports programs and become an active participant in the North Merrick community.

    In the Fall, get outside and toss around a football, run some of the "pass plays" that we do in our unit on football. Play flag or touch football with your family and friends. Kick around a soccer ball with a small or large group or work on some individual skills like dribbling or juggling. Use a hula hoop, jump rope, or a bean bag to work on some basic locomotor skills. You can jog, gallop, hop on 1 foot, jump with 2 feet, and skip using the hoop or rope. Work on tossing and catching with a bean bag just like we do in class. See how many times you can jump rope in a minute or how many times you can jump in your hoop.

    When it get cold in those winter months you can always visit our fitness page for some indoor exercises. Try an indoor sport like basketball or even some gymnastics at your local gymnastic school. Get to a bowling alley and try your hand at the lanes. Any of these activities are a sure fire way to have some fun while being active.

    Spring into the warmer weather with a walk or a jog around the neighborhood. Toss and catch a lacrosse ball, hit a tennis ball, or go to a local track to see how fast you can make it around. All of these things are great to do with the family and friends.

    Summer is a time for going to the beach!! Wear your sunscreen and try running or tossing a frisbee in the sand. How about some beach volleyball? Even enjoy some light activity by playing some "lawn" games like bocce or croquet.

    The ideas above are just a few that you can take part in as a family. Of course there are a million ways to get active, so get out there and have some fun!!!