Jump Rope Skills

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    The following tips can be used to help you become a more skilled rope jumper!

    First you need to find a jump rope that is the right size for you! You take a rope and step on the middle of it as it straddles the floor. You then pull the rope up so that it touches your arm pits or the bottom of your shoulders. If it does this then it is the right size for you! 
    If you don't have a jump rope, just pretend you do!! Hold the imaginary rope as you would an actual one!!!
    We incorporate jump ropes in many ways. We love to use them as a "workout" for grades 3-6, Take 10-15 minutes and practice the skills below. Your heart will be pumping!! It's a great implement to use for an aerobic activity!!


    1. Swing and catch:
    Practice holding the rope behind you with arms extnded in front of you. Swing arms down around and catch under your feet.

    2. Two foot basic bounce:
    This is the fundamental rhythm that all jump rope skills come from. Learn the basic bounce and emphasize the importance of practicing this fundamental rhythm.

    The following jump rope tips were researched and written by the students of OMR.

    1. Cross
    Practice with arms in front of you, make the letter "x". See if the loop is big enough to jump through. Keep hands by your pockets and don't uncross until you jump through that loop. More advanced: Cross Cross go from left arm on top to right arm on top with no open armed jumps in between. 

    2. Forward Straddle (Scissors)
    Jump over the rope and land with your left foot forward and your right foot back. Keep your legs apart just a little bit. Remember to land on the balls of your feet, and lean you rbody slightly forward.

    3. Jogging speed step
    Step over the rope and land on your right foot. On the next turn of your rope, step over your rope and land on your left foot continue this as if you were jogging

    4. Front Cross Step
    Begin with the rope in front of you. Cross your right arm over your left arm, in front until your elbows touch and your hands extend beyond your waist. Rotate your wrists.Start with the rope behind your feet, swing the rope over your head and cross your right arm over your left arm. Don't jump, check your hand placement. Repeat step two, jump one time with your arms crossed so the rope goes under your feet and continues back overhead. Remember, hold the rope handles in the extended position, you rhands have to stay at the level of your waist, cross your arms wide enough so that they may be wide enough to extend to the sides of your body.

    5. Side swing cross
    Practice arm position first - one arm crossed over your body, the other crossed behind your back (like your taking a bow) Now, side swing to your left and bend your left arm behind your back. Swing your front arm and jump.

    Jump Rope Games

    Jump rope four square

    Equipment - Jump ropes, four square courts

    Set-up - Make five four square courts or enough
    for a group of five players at each court

    Presentation - Assign five students a four square court. Each student has a jump rope of their own. Each square is given a name i.e. - One, two, three or four. Four players begin the game with one players waiting their turn. One player is in each of teh four squares. The number one square begins the game by telling the others when to begin. On "go" each players in each square begins jump roping. This continues until one player makes a mistake. They leave the game and the waiting player enters at the lowest square.