Tips to Bully Proof Your Gymnasium

  • Tips To Bully Proof Your Gymnasium!




    The following suggestions are things we do at Old Mill to help children understand that physical, emotional, and verbal abuse is an unacceptable way to solve problems in physical education class.

    Tips For Students

    Stop And Think

    We tell the students they have the power to "stop and think" Let them know that they have the POWER to stop and think before they speak or act. This would allow them to not say or do something that may get them in trouble or hurt someone else. Basically They need to STOP the action they are doing, and THINK about why they are doing that action. They need to make a decision about whether they should do something else instead. (Make a better choice)

    Student and Teacher Brainstorm Together
    (Giving students strategies to help prevent tantrums, anger, and acting out)

    Walk away from the group, person, people or situation that is making you become angry or frustrated.

    Count to ten. SLOWLY. And continue doing this as long and for as many times as you feel you need to.

    Try not to take things personally. Realize that the WHOLE world isn't against you.

    Let off steam in a productive way, shoot baskets, run, go for a ride on your bike

    Tense and relax every muscle in your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes.

    Talking some sense into themselves

    Help students learn easy to remember phrases and words they can use to help them make sense of there feelings and emotions at the time

    Be A Good Listener (Teacher Or Adult)

    Listening means not talking!
    Use attentive body language
    Keep eye contact
    Be Patient
    Ask for some clarification of the facts if necessary
    Empathize with the student in the dispute
    Ask questions to encourage the speaker and show them you are listening
    During the discussion summarize the points you are hearing the speaker make


    Argue, criticize, or blame the speaker
    Evaluate or criticize what the speaker is saying just
    Think ahead to what you are going to say when the speaker is finished
    Let your mind wander
    Mentally compare with what your hearing with what you've heard from others.