Physical Education Curriculum

  • Physical Education Curriculum

    Below you will find a list of the units of activity that we cover throughout the school year. They are grouped into grades K-2 and grades 3-6. Modifications are made to each unit to fit the specific grade level where applicable. (Based on facility availability, weather and unforseen school events, units are subject to change.)

    The 2020-2021 school year will look drastically different than any school year. We are limited based on Department of Health Guidelines. The guidelines require the students to stay socially distanced and eliminate the use of equipment in PE. We will do our best to keep the students active. Masks are required. We will offer "mask breaks" periodically during class.




    Movement with Hula Hoops                Dance

    Tag Games                                       Chinese Jump Ropes

    Throwing Stations                            Gymnastic Activities

    Throwing Games                               Obstacle Course\Nutrition

    Relays                                             Scooter Activities

    Net Games                                       Parachute

    Holiday Theme Activities                  Cage Ball Activities

    Movement with Jump Ropes              Striking Stations

    Movement with Bean Bags                  Kickball Activities

    Movement with Scarves                     Games

    Active Gaming                                   Racquet Skills  

    Movement with Playground Balls         Toppleball

    Track & Field Stations                       Miniature Golf          



    Soccer Activities                                           Badminton           

    Project Adventure                                          Team Handball

    Fitness Based Activities                                  Track And Field

    Football Activities                                          Frisbee

    Fitness Challenge                                             Wiffleball

    Volleyball                                                        Circus  Arts                                       

    Basketball Activities                                        Gymnastics

    Hockey Activities                                             Miniature Golf

    Body Systems Obstacle Course\Nutrition          Jump Rope Activities

    Tennis                                                              Lacrosse

    Active Gaming                                                  Tchoukball