• Parent / Teacher Communication    

    Close communication between home and school is vital for your child to have a happy and successful year. We will be in close contact in many ways this year to monitor academic progress and ensure a successful year.

    • Report cards are sent home two times a year
    • Conferences are held in November and March.
    • Many typed reminders are sent home throughout the year.
    • Do not wait for formal conferences if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Other Hints for Success

    • Please check your child’s bookbag daily --- often there may be a paper to sign and return.
    • Take home folders should be returned to your child’s bookbag after checking.
    • Remind your child to check his or her bookbag each morning at school so needed papers or notes are handed in at the beginning of the day.
    • Reinforce with your child that if anything is unclear at school, to please ask questions! I encourage parents to relay to me any information that may need cleared up.
    • Read to your child daily.
    • Be a good listener and make it a fun year.
    • Praise your child’s successes!

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