• students with books 

    Welcome to Mrs. Fox's kindergarten home page.  I hope you enjoy learning about what's happening in our classroom.  Please be sure to visit again.  

    To contact me anytime, you can: 

    • call the main office at 516-489-3090
    • send me an e-mail at dfox@nmerrick.org
    • message me on Remind

    To access our Google Classroom, use this link: 


    Learning Ideas:

    Read picture books and discuss characters, plot, setting and author's purpose. 

    Read poems in Poetry Journal (if it is home) or from a poetry book or online.  

    Observe & discuss illustrations/photographs in books.

    Review sight words taught (read and write them).

    Practice writing letters A - Z upper and lower case and numbers 1 - 100. 

    Practice counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.

    Go to starfall.com or abcya.com and read, play games, and do math.

    Play board games.

    Do puzzles.

    Write notes to your classmates.