• Kindergarten Grade Highlights

    As always, Kindergartners have been busy. In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day with our Special Person Celebration.  The children did a great job as they sang under the direction of Ms. Southard, our music teacher. They loved making heart boxes for their special guests, and decorating and eating desserts. Thank you to our wonderful Class Captains for all their hard work coordinating the event.  The 100th day of school  was another exciting day, and they did lots of counting all day! The month culminated with lessons about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Of course we have been busy with Guided Reading groups, Writing, listening to stories, learning about weather patterns and writing equations in math for groups of 10 and some more.  


    March was another fun filled month, full of all the academics plus lots of green as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in our classrooms. Kindergartners have also been talking about the signs of spring as we welcomed in the new season. We look forward to more spring exploration and learning as we continue enjoying our time together in school.



    K Grade Highlights December 2022


    December was a month of sharing family traditions and holiday fun!  Throughout the month, the children were involved in a Gingerbread Man book study.  We read many different versions of the book and compared them.  We celebrated the holidays by playing with dreidels and decorating gingerbread houses.  Thanks to our class captains, Mrs. Ferrara, Mrs. Feldman, Mrs. Buonomo, and Mrs. Cole for all their hard work organizing these events.  


    Kindergartners were excited to meet the rest of the letter people. They learned about the sound each letter makes, read their poems, and improved their fine motor skills by coloring and cutting out the puppets.  In writing workshop, the children were hard at work during our 'Writing for Reasons' unit, exploring writing stories using kindergarten inventive spelling as well as making lists and cards.


    In science, the students are learning about what a scientist does and realize that they are scientists, too!  They share their observations in their science notebooks. 


    Thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers.  We could not have accomplished our fun celebrations and events without your generous donations of time and supplies.  We look forward to a new year filled with many more fun and meaningful learning experiences.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!