• Characteristics of Emergent Readers Fountas & Pinnell Levels A-C


    In the emergent stage of reading development, the student will display many of the following behaviors:


    -         Begin to be aware that print carries a message


    -         Know some sounds and names of the letters of the alphabet


    -         Start to display directional movement

    Ø     Left to right

    Ø     Top to bottom

    Ø     Return sweep


    -         Begin to establish one to one correspondence by finger pointing


    -         Locate some known words


    -         Depend heavily on picture clues


    -         Recognize the difference between a letter and a word


    -         Begin to use pattern and repetition of text to read


    -         Use some letter sounds (beginning/ending)


    -         Begin to use known, high frequency words to monitor reading


    -         Respond to texts by linking meaning with their own experiences




    The above information was graciously obtained from North Merrick Literacy Center Web Site courtesy of
    Mrs. Grossman and Mrs. Macko.