English Language Arts

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    The  English Language Arts/Literature program promotes an appreciation for all types of literature. The English Language Arts teacher works cooperatively with the classroom teacher to link reading and writing skills in all content areas.  An in-depth study of specific genres, such as poetry, historical fiction, autobiography, biography, memoirs, etc., in addition to newspapers and magazines, will provide students with an understanding of various writing styles as well as serve as models for students' composition development.  Library and research skills are also key components of the program. Book selection, library procedures, and the use of reference materials, including electronic resources, are an integral part of this course of study.

    The English Language Arts/Literature program is designed to enable students to become articulate speakers, responsive listeners, skillful readers, effective writers, and resourceful problem solvers who are prepared to be contributing members of our democratic society. 

    North Merrick schools have implemented the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop curriculum through significant staff development on the different units of study. In addition to learning the skill of practical writing, students are adopting a very process-driven approach to writing, including drafting, editing, and revising their writing. 

  • Jaclyn Guidice, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Personnel & Instruction