• Homework Guidelines



    The North Merrick School Board believes that homework is an extremely valuable activity that extends classroom instruction. Homework provides excellent opportunities for developing good study habits, providing for individual differences and abilities while encouraging self-initiative on the part of the student.

    Homework assignments, given at all grade levels, reflect the increased instructional demands students encounter as they proceed through elementary school. Our goals, consistent with New York State Curriculum Standards for Education, require students to assume increased responsibility for their assignments as they progress in school.

    Homework shall be assigned according to these guidelines:

    • Homework should be a properly planned part of the curriculum extending and reinforcing the learning experiences of the school.
    • Homework should help children learn by providing practice in the mastery of skills, experience in data-gathering and integration of knowledge and an opportunity to remediate learning problems.
    • Homework should help develop the student's sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for the exercise of independent work, judgment, organization and time management.
    • Homework should be based on students' abilities and needs.
    • Homework should be clearly assigned and its product carefully and promptly evaluated. 
      ***Homework, when assigned, is not an option but a requirement which is reflected in a student's progress report.



    The purpose of homework is to:

    • provide needed practice to strengthen skills introduced in the classroom.
    • promote growth in responsibility, self-discipline, and organizational and time-management skills.
    • enrich and/or extend learning experiences.
    • develop and improve study skills.
    • foster greater independence in completing assignments as students proceed through the grade levels. 


    Parental Support

    The North Merrick Board of Education believes that parental involvement in students' homework is essential to making homework an integral part of the education program. Parents are expected to encourage and monitor assignments and provide conditions that are conducive to their successful completion. Homework is an integral part of a child's educational success. Parents are important in establishing positive attitudes, good study habits, and supporting students' success with homework.

    Parents are encouraged to:

    • show interest in the schoolwork their children bring home.
    • provide a suitable place to study, free from disturbances.
    • supply needed materials for completing homework.
    • offer to clarify instructions and answer questions.
    • check to see that work is complete.
    • encourage their children to do their best work and praise them for a job well done.
    • assist children with their management of time.
    • monitor the amount and type of television programs their children watch. 
    • stay in close communication with teachers.

    Review - Look at the assignment and know what is expected. 
    Clarify - Answer questions, explain concepts if necessary, and show examples. 
    Coach - Encourage risk-taking, prompt for responses and ask questions. Refrain from doing the work for the child. 
    Check - Check that the work is completed according to expectations. 
    Praise - Provide positive feedback and reinforcement. 
    Remember - Remember that the end product is the child's responsibility. 

    Time Expectations

    Range of time to be afforded to homework each week:

    Kindergarten - 1 to 1&1/2 hours
    Primary (Grades 1&2) - 2 to 3 hours
    Intermediate (Grades 3&4) - 4 to 5 hours
    Upper (Grades 5&6) - 5 to 6 hours

    It is the student's responsibility to see that homework assignments are handed in or are ready to be checked on the due date assigned. When students are absent from school, it is their responsibility to make up assignments upon their return. Parents who anticipate an extended absence are expected to meet with their child's teacher.