• North Merrick History

    The North Merrick School District, originally known as Union Free School District No. 29, was established in August 1921. The present name of North Merrick Union Free School District was adopted in 1972.

    In 1921, the population of North Merrick was 1,400, with 280 school-age children. At that time, the three trustees were authorized to raise $14,000, and plans began for an eight-room building on the present Camp Avenue Site.

    On September 21, 1921, school opened with an enrollment of 160 students, but without an official school building. Classes were held in a chapel on Richard Avenue, at the Camp Grounds, and in the Fire Hall. Camp Avenue School was completed in 1923.

    Over a period of time, the enrollment rose to 2,192, the largest number of children attending elementary school in North Merrick. To provide facilities for a rapidly growing community, it became necessary to enlarge Camp Avenue School in 1939 and again in 1956. North School was built in 1950 and its name was changed to Harold D. Fayette in 1976 in honor of a former administrator. Old Mill Road School was constructed in 1953 and expanded twice in 1956 and 2000, and Meadowbrook Road School was built in 1956. The North Merrick Public Library was formed in 1965, with facilities in a store in North Merrick, and relocated to the current Meadowbrook Road building in September 1966. The Dr. Irene H. Lenhart Administration Center and Garden were dedicated on September 5, 2006, in the Harold D. Fayette School building.

    In 2015, the community approved a $14,650,000 bond proposition to address long-term facility needs. Projects financed under this bond were completed, and included new boilers, upgraded ventilation systems, window replacements, site work and security enhancements.

    For the 2022-23 school year, there are approximately 1,214 children attending the North Merrick elementary schools, and the district is supported by an approved operating budget of $36,020,048.

    The North Merrick School District takes pride in its ability to provide a quality education and in the achievements of its students.