• ENL Glossary

    ENL:  English as a New Language 

    ENL is the program name for English Language Learners

    ELL: English Language Learner           
    An ELL or ENL student is a child who comes from a home where a language other than English is spoken and who also scores below the designated level of proficiency on the NYSITELL or the NYSESLAT     
    Newcomer: An ENL student who is new to America, new to the school system, and is at the beginning level of English Language development.
    FELL:  Former English Language Learner
    An ENL student who passed they NYSESLAT assessment and is no longer an ELL.  FELLs are monitored for two years and receive support by the  ENL teacher, three days in a six day cycle.
    Second-generation ELL: An ENL student who was born in America to at least one immigrant parent.
    (*Throughout the U.S., 75 % of the nation's elementary students are second-generation ELLs.)
    SIFE:  Student with Interrupted/Inconsistent Formal Education
    ELL Students who attended a US school for less than twelve months and prior to enrollment are two or more years below grade level in literacy and math in their home language because of interrupted schooling
    Low Literacy SIFE: ELLs who are not yet fluent in any language and do not independently use text to build knowledge
    (New York State  - CR Part 154)
    NYSITELL: New York State Identification of English Language Learners
    The NYSITELL is the only approved assessment used to identify students as ELLs upon entry into the school. If the student has transferred from another district, we do not administer the NYSITELL again. The previous school district must provide the student's scores.  The State is working on computer access of scores throughout NY State.
    NYSESLAT:  New York State English Second Language Achievement Test 
    The NYSESLAT is the only approved assessment for measuring English performance levels in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening and measuring annual progress. Current ESL students take the NYSESLAT in May of every year. The score determines eligibility to receive ESL and/ or the number of units that will be provided the following year. 
    Stand-alone ENL: Students receive English language development instruction in order to acquire the English language needed for success in core content areas.
    Integrated ENL: Students receive core content area and English language development instruction including home language supports and appropriate MLL/ELL scaffolds.
    * Flannery, M., "Born in the USA", neatoday, January, 2009.