• English as a New Language Program (ENL)

    Our English as a New Language Program (ENL) is a freestanding program. The program includes two components: a language arts instructional component and a content area (science, math, social studies) instructional component.  The language arts component uses the English Language Arts Next Generation Standards and core curriculum as its base.  Language skills are taught through topics included in the content area using ESL/ENL methodologies. The goal is to make content comprehensible for English Language Learners (ELLs).  Strategies are used to develop students' abilities to access the text even though the language  and vocabulary may be challenging.  It is our goal to support ELLs to be able to function successfully in the classroom.

    English language proficiency is ensured as instruction includes the development of all four language components - Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  Every lesson in ENL includes a language objective. The primary focus is to have students develop and apply, in authentic situations, (both spoken and written) social and academic language.  The lesson objectives are tailored to meet individual needs, language proficiency levels, grade-level expectations, aligned to NY State Common Core and the Bilingual Common Core Progressions.

    ENL students must receive the amount of services mandated by the State based on the scores attained on the State assessments for second language learners.  Every registration packet that is completed by a parent upon enrollment contains a Home Language Questionnaire.  If a second language is spoken in the home,  a student is flagged to be informally screened. The ENL teacher will meet with that student and conduct an informal interview. That interview will determine if that student should be given the language assessment called the NYSITELL. The NYSITELL must be administered within two weeks entry into the school. It can only be administered once since it is only used as an initial form of  identification. Upon scoring the NYSITELL, it will be determined if the student would be eligible to receive ESL/ENL services.  If the student scores on the Commanding Level on the NYSITELL they would not qualify to receive ESL services.

    The yearly assessment to determine progress is the NYSESLAT.  If students score at the Commanding Level in all four areas of language development,  the State determines that they are no longer considered ESL/ENL students but are called FELLS (former ELLs).  The ENL teacher will monitor FELLS for two years.  They receive support three days out of a six day cycle and receive all ENL accommodations.  The NYSESLAT is administered during the month of May and any changes to a student's ENL program would be applied to the following school year.  

    ENL services are provided by a certified ESL/ENL teacher.  Depending on a student's scores on the NYSITELL or NYSESLAT, an ELL will receive one to two units of ESL.  The unit is spread out throughout the 6 days in the cycle. Students work with the ESL teacher in the ESL Room, in the grade level classrooms, or using a combination of both.  Any ENL students that are in the Remote Learning Model will receive their services through virtual ENL meets.  A daily schedule will be posted in the ENL Google Classroom.

    Parent communication and parental involvement are integral components of any ESL Program.  ENL teachers will meet and/or speak with parents  on an ongoing basis.  The ENL teacher is available to offer support and guidance whenever needed.  Please read the information in Parent Resources for further discussion.