• Please do the following while we are out.  No work will be collected. Stay safe and healthy! Email me with any questions.



    Pick a math game to review your skills.  Practice your math facts.


    Pick a fraction game to play https://www.mathplayground.com/index_fractions.html


    Read for 20 minutes every day.  Use your book baggy or listen to an online story (www.storylineonline.net)

    Think about:

    • The summary.
    • What is the theme?
    • What is the main idea? Support it with 3 details from the story.
    • Nonfiction: What are 5 important facts?
    • Fiction: What are the character traits each character has?
    • Fiction: What lesson did the characters learn?


    Each day, write an opinion entry.

    • Think of things you feel strongly about.
    • Make a claim.
    • Support with reasons and examples.
    • Give a closing.

    Go to www.ABCya.com for some fun review games.

    • Choose from 2nd or 3rd