• Reading Strategies

    Before Reading:

    • Look at the title.
    • Look at the bold words and/or illustrations.
    • Think about the topic.
    • Think about what you already know about the topic ... what is your background knowledge and how can that help you?
    • Think about what you want to find out.
    • Predict what the story will be about.

    During Reading:

    • Visualize! Create a picture or movie in your mind based on what you are reading about.
    • If you come to a hard word...Sound it out! If you still can't get it...skip it! Keep reading and see what word would make the most sense!
    • Ask questions.
    • Make predictions.
    • Check/modify predictions.
    • Reread if parts do not make sense.
    • Use context clues to help with difficult words.
    • Retell parts of the story.

    After Reading:

    • Summarize/retell important information.  
    • Link the story to your life! Does it remind you of anything you have seen or done or of anyone you know?
    • Reread to answer questions.
    • Think about questions you still might have.
    • Look for additional information on the topic.
    • Summarize the story using a topic sentence, details and a concluding sentence.