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Digital Citizenship Week, Red Ribbon Week and Unity Day

Old Mill Road School had a jam-packed schedule from October 18-22 with activities for Digital Citizenship Week, Red Ribbon Week, and Unity Day!

All week, teachers shared resources with students so they can be aware of technology's impact on social-emotional wellness for themselves and others.

On Monday, students wore red to kick off Red Ribbon Week, the national drug awarenes prevention program that takes place each year during the third week of October. On Tuesday, everybody had "sweet dreams" by wearing their PJ's to school.  Wednesday was Unity Day, the national program to stand up to bullying and cyberbulling by wearing and sharing orange. Thursday, the theme was "Don't be Crazy, Make Healthy Choices" with students donning crazy hats or crazy hair.  Friday culminated the week with "Make Good Choices for Your Future" by students dressing as a person in a career they would like to have themselves one day.


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